“Winning the values”

We make the child learn the concepts, values, skills, and lessons of life with the experiential approach

According to Ken Robinson, “The Child is born on creativity, our job is make that nature intact”. The Discoverers at EVS are the children who start their out of home journey for the very first time. Read More

The icon of Montessori Method, Maria Montessori once said that, “Play is the work of the child”, EVS take the journey of child from discoverer to Observer . Read More

Contribution to the society should be the primary objective of the human beings, and this is only possible when students learn the value of contribution.. Read More

Pupils remain Pioneers at EVS for three good years, from class 3 to 5.  Here our focus is to prepare child to be idea oriented. Read More

Identifying the passion is indispensable for pupils, since EVS believes to nurture the children on their own uniqueness, this in itself is an achievement Read More

Our approaches

We have a special system to enhance imagination power of the child.

  • Developing the capacity to breed tolerance and understanding in personalities .
  • Head on autonomy in thinking and humbleness in expressions.
  • Prioritizing physical and mental health over transitional tasks
  • Heed on positive psychology/Taming the emotions and ambitions
  • Inculcating the acceptance tendency for multiple realities in society.
  • Heed on diversity, acknowledgment, and respect
  • Positioning practical aspects of all the subjects .
  • Heed on experiential methods/outcome-based learning
  • Fostering teamwork and group-based performance.
  • Heed on helping each other and creating a win for all

About evs

EVS is the house where all the persons and ambiance strive to elevate the child with a holistic approach. Inspired from “Finland’s Education System,” that is the best in the world,

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