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  • Alisa Milano

    Alisa Milano

    Last month, I sat in the stands behind home plate, and watched my 8½-year-old son take the field…

  • Jenifer Oniston

    Jenifer Oniston

    See Your Children Leading Healthy Lives? Research Suggests Parents Should Look Harder…

  • Tamara Lee

    Tamara Lee

    My daughter and I are snuggled up in the big bed watching a movie. Perched side-by-side, my laptop propped against…

  • Heart Of Champion

    Heart Of Champion

    Heart of a Champion Day is a free sports-specific health screening and educational program for high school student athletes. The screenings include a review of the athlete’s medical history, a sports-specific medical and musculoskeletal exam, a heart exam and a vision test. The program is unique because of the heart screening, where all student athletes […]

  • Summer Games

    Summer Games

    Summer is SO close we can taste it! And with it comes warm weather, pool parties, play dates, and you guessed it… fun outdoor games! And not to mention having our kiddos ALL to ourselves! Woo hoo! Anyone else start to miss those little crazies once Spring rolls around? Soak up every second with them […]

  • Every 1’s A Winner

    Every 1’s A Winner

    We found ourselves at the likeliest place one warm Saturday morning: the playground adjacent to the community swimming pool not far from our house. We had arrived early in an attempt to beat the late summer heat and crowds and were just settling in. We were divvying up still-warm baked goods to our three boys […]

  • Catch Some Fun

    Catch Some Fun

    In order for you to live a healthy, happy life, you first need to understand few facts about physical activity:Exercise does not mean run on a treadmill for six hours and be miserable. It does not have to be extreme running; simple activities like hiking, jogging with your dog, or even playing tag with kids […]

  • Trusting What You’re Told: How Children Learn from Others

    Trusting What You’re Told: How Children Learn from Others

    theories about how children learn, Trusting What You’re Told begins by reminding us of a basic truth: Most of what we know we learned from others.Children recognize early on that other people are an excellent source of information. And so they ask questions. But youngsters are also remarkably discriminating as they weigh the responses they […]