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  • Once A Dancer, Always A Dancer

    Once A Dancer, Always A Dancer

    Dance is truly one of the most beautiful and challenging art forms to master. Professional dancers make everything look so fluid and effortless and when you try to mimic their movements you end up looking like a hot mess. I love to dance and love the art itself, whether it is ballet, hip-hop, or ballroom. […]

  • I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can

    I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can

    When she shows them a rough cut, fatalistic Jean is angered by the false optimism and vehemently voices her objections to Barbara’s choices. The response triggers a deep depression in Barbara, who relies on Doctor Kalman, her therapist of many years, and an increased dosage of Valium to see her through the crisis. She finally […]

  • Do A Little Dance

    Do A Little Dance

    dance doesn’t leave behind artifacts, we can’t really tell you who was the first caveman to get up and do a jig.There’s a little evidence of dancing in Egyptian tomb paintings) What we can tell you quite a lot about is…This dance, which may get its name from the German word for “turn,” first picked […]

  • Dance Allows Your Dreams To Speak

    Dance Allows Your Dreams To Speak

    Some people dance just for fun, others dance because it’s their way of telling a story of happiness or if something tragic happened in their life and they just don’t like talking about it. It connects people, dance springs from human desire for personal expression and social connection.Dance relates to the scientific field of biomechanics […]