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According to Ken Robinson, “The Child is born on creativity, our job is to make that nature intact”. The Discoverers at EVS are the children who start their out of home journey for the very first time. And for the very same reason, they require comprehensive attention at their own level. They are discoverers because they have just started to discover the world around themselves. EVS philosophy of individuality starts from the Discoverers. From the age of 2½ years, we welcome them with parenting approach, to nurture the curiosity in them with complete playful environment. They learn to broaden their intriguing from home to school and beyond. The Discoverers at EVS remain in the companionship of certified Montessori teachers and trained coaches for their entire school time.


The icon of Montessori Method, Maria Montessori once said that, “Play is the work of the child”, EVS takes the journey of child from discoverer to Observer not by removing their playing approach of learning, rather adding curriculum books. At EVS, a child remains in observer stage for two years, Nursery and Kindergarten. In the first year of Observer, the student remains in the level of Nursery and learn to transform the curiosity into creativity. They come across specialized class works and well thought out home projects. In the second year of Observer, the student becomes familiar with books, based on the curriculum of International Baccalaureate, class activities and home based projects. For both the years, these pupils get the mentoring of certified teachers and trained coaches.


Contribution to the society should be the primary objective of the human beings, and this is only possible when students learn the value of contribution. Pupils at EVS remain in the stage of Innovators for two years; class 1 and 2. While keeping their Pace with curiosity and creativity, EVS strives to develop the innovating attitude in these pupils. EVS believes that innovation is not limited to physical sciences, rather, its scope spreads over the passion and orientation to bring positivity around oneself. In these two years, apart from their texts of curriculum, Innovators develop this passion. Certified teachers and trained coaches consistently provide their mentorship to Innovators at EVS to make sure that they not only shine in theoretical and practical aspects of their course curriculum but also remain ready to contribute positivity.


Pupils remain Pioneers at EVS for three good years, from class 3 to 5. Here our focus is to prepare child to be idea oriented. The children in these years take a complete understanding of the curriculum of class 3, 4 and 5. Moreover, they are inculcated to start doing what they learn.These years have special focus on Civic sense, ethical norms, and cultural values, physical and mental nourishment. Pioneers at EVS Learn the leadership, practice it in school and tasked to do it in their friend circle and homes. This elevate the value and passion of becoming Pioneers in them.


Identifying the passion is indispensable for pupils, since EVS believes to nurture the children on their own uniqueness, this in itself is an achievement. At EVS, pupils remain in the stage of achievers for three years. They are prepared with IB curriculum and scientific project based learning so that they can pursue their passion in higher studies with ample stock of curiosity, creativity and capacity.

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