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Playgroup → Discoverers

At EVS a child will start with four core areas of modern education i.e. Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Education (PE) and Visual Arts (VA).

Nursery & Kindergarten → Observers

At this stage students will be given introduction to Islamiyat, Science, Performaing Arts (PA) and few hours of library every week. However, previosuly studied subjects (Literacy,
Maths, PE and VA) are already included in this stage.

Grade 1 & 2 → Innovators

Innovators will be given exposure to two languages i.e. Urdu & English by excluding Literacy. Further, two other essential subjects i.e. Social Studies and Computing will be introduced however, VA is also excluded for the curriculum of innovators as they will be more focused towards PA at this stage.

Grade 3, 4 &; 5 → Pioneers

At this stage students will be given introduction to the third language i.e. Arabic/Chinese.All the previously studied subject are already part of this stage.

Grade 6, 7 & 8 → Achievers

At this stage Tafeer-e-Quran will be covered by excluding the subject of Islamiyat, similarly, the subject of PA will transform into Arts. Three new subjects will be introduced to achievers i.e. Business, Economics and Language 4 (French/Spanish).

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